Spencer Havner  LB  UCLA


Spencer is a big, fast LB that can do it all on the field.  He is fast enough to use in a blitzing scheme and has the athletic ability to play all three LB positions. Spencer should be an excellent strong-side LB.  He will be able to handle the really athletic pass-catching TE’s and will be able to hold up very well at the point of attack in the run game.


Needs to Improve

Right now, Spencer is trying to do everything for his team.  In trying to do more than what a normal LB is required to do, it looks like he is out of place or a little slow at times.  All of this is because his team is depending on him to cover and do so much of the field.


Talent Board Round   1

In my opinion, Spencer has first round talent and should be a first rounder.  He shows really good leadership quailities along with heart and excellent athletic  abilities.  He is a very good tackler, but his real strength is defending in the passing game.  I like him in the middle, but I think that his talents fit the strong side backer better than any other LB position. Spencer will be able to stay with the Gonzales and Shockeys of the world; he has the strength to tackle them and stop the ‘run after catch’ yards.  This kid plays his heart out on every single down, which is his best attribute.  I would guess that when he goes to the combine, he won’t wow you with any special times or measurables, but believe me, the team that needs an LB in the first round will be sorry if they pass on this kid.  He is a player with first round talent that could very easily fall to the second round when the juniors start to declare.

by Drew Boylhart


November 2005