Stephen Tulloch   LB   North Carolina St



Stephen is another one of the many undersized, athletic, attacking LBís in this draft.  He has excellent athletic talent and does as good a job defending against the run as he does the pass.  He has very good change of direction skills, takes good angles and has a lot of tackles behind the line of scrimmage.  Stephen does a good job blitzing the QB and, in general, causing havoc all over the field. 


Needs to Improve

Stephen is not stout against the run.  He is not a shed and tackle LB, but does a good job using his speed and quickness to compensate for this negative in his game. 


Talent Board Round   3

I think I could write this profile in my sleep.  I swear some SOB has cloned these guys and sent them out into this draft just to bust my chops and see if I could find a difference in their play.  Well, I canít.  Ernie Simms, DeMeco Ryans, Thomas Howard, Roger McIntosh, Jon Alston, Terna Nande, Clint Ingram...I could go on, but I wonít because Iím starting to get a headache.  The only significant difference that I see in their play on the field is the politics of the draft.  The only difference in all of them being picked in this draft is the feeling a team or a coach gets when they interview these kids.  Really, you could list them all in the same round right in a row as far as Iím concerned.  I think all of them -- barring injury -- will impact for the team that drafts them.  I guess for me, it would be how smart they are on the field and, of course, character. Stephen flies to the ball like a missile, but he's a junior and he did have a lot of help from Oliver Hoyte.  To be honest, I see no reason why he shouldn't have the same success for the team that drafts him as he did for his college team.  He is a good tackler, but it would not surprise me to see some of these guys that I have mentioned moved to the Safety position at the next level.  Iím not sure which ones it might be, but it seems to me that if they are not big enough to be LBís in the NFL, they surely are athletic enough to be strong Safeties, providing they are smart enough.

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006