Taitusi Lutui   OG/RT   USC


This is a kid that knows how to play guard in both the running game and the passing game.  He has a wide base, but for his body type, it works well for him.  Taitusi understands how to use leverage to his advantage and uses his hands very well when pass blocking.  Taitusi doesn't lunge or over-extend when he's blocking; he has excellent balance.  He is quick enough out of his stance to handle the quick 1-gap DTís and strong enough to handle a DT on his nose.  He is a pure guard, but played at RT last year and was one of the best before he moved to guard.  Taitusi has 1st round talent. 


Needs to Improve

Everyone pays so much attention to all the other players on this team that Taitusi is a bit of a sleeper right now.  I would think by the time we get to the draft that he will not be. 


Talent Board Round   1

Taitusi is a plug-in pick.  By that I mean, you draft him and plug him into your line up and forget about that position for about ten years.  He has 1st round talent.  He has proven that he can play both the RT position and the LG position equally well.  Make no mistake about it, this kid has everything you're looking for in a player that can play at the next level.  He looks to be an O-lineman that could play two different positions and be a Pro Bowl player at both of them.  If this kid is not rated as a 1st or 2nd round pick by the time we get to the draft, I'll burn my jock strap!  (Oops, did I say that out loud?!)  I mean your jock strap.  No! Thatís disgusting!  Well, you know what I mean.  This kid is ready for the next level and should be an excellent O-lineman for the team that drafts him.
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006