Tarvaris Jackson   QB   Alabama St


Tarvaris has a good strong arm and throws the ball with good touch.  He has good overall accuracy, throws well from the pocket and on the run.  He shows good leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  Tarvaris understands the big picture and understands that he is not the whole show when he plays.  I like this kid's game and it translates very well to the NFL level. 


Needs to Improve

Tarvaris is a developmental QB at this stage of his career and needs more work on his techniques and in reading defenses.  Something tells me he will learn fast. 


Talent Board Round   5

Tarvaris reminds me a lot of Steve McNair, but not the McNair in his younger years.  He reminds me in his style of play the way McNair plays now.  That gutsy, "do whatever you need to do" type of play.  Tarvaris is not a running QB like McNair when he first came out of college.  Tarvaris is much more comfortable in the pocket, but does well outside of the pocket when he gets forced.  He throws a really nice ball with good velocity and nice touch and just has that "get it done" attitude about him that will make him a winner at the next level.  He is football and situational smart and has that natural way about him that makes you feel like you are always in the game.  The kid is the real deal and if you are looking for a QB in the later rounds that has the potential to be a franchise QB, then this is a kid you want to pick.  There are two QBs in this draft with franchise written all over them that will be taken on the second day of this draft.  They are Tarvaris Jackson (QB - Alabama St) and Brett Basanez (QB - Northwestern).  Brett is further along in his development than Tarvaris -- but both of them have got the it factor.  Remember their names and be really happy if your team picks one of them.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006