Taurean Henderson   RB/ST   Texas Tech


Taurean is a sleeper RB in this draft.  He has good bulk for his size to go along with speed and excellent quickness.  He has great hands and can line up in the slot or out on the edge as a WR.  Taurean runs very well between the tackles and is fast and quick enough to turn the corner on a sweep.  He runs with those quick, short, choppy steps and slips and slides through the holes that the big O-linemen make for him.  He is a strong runner and has the strength to fall forward almost every time he's tackled.  Taurean reminds me a lot of Warrick Dunn. 


Needs to Improve

He is vertically challenged for his position, but for me personally, he is too good a football player to worry about that. 


Talent Board Round   3

Taurean is going to have a hell of a career in the NFL.  He is an extremely talented player, is smart and understands situational football.  He can play more than one position and this will keep him from getting injured.  He is not a 20-30 carries franchise RB, but he does have the talent to be an important franchise player for the team that drafts him.  Taurean is still learning and showing what he is capable of doing on a football field, but as he grows in experience, he will grow in his importance to the team that drafts him.  Taurean has good thick thighs and strong legs, so I don't believe that leg injuries are going to be a problem for him.  If a team that uses a spread offense drafts him, then he'll become a match up nightmare.  I waited to see Taurean in the Shrine Game to see how strong a runner he would be against bigger opponents.  He did not disappoint me and the team that takes him on the first day of this draft is going to be getting themselves a player that will be an important cog to their offense and team.
by Drew Boylhart


February 2006