Thomas Howard   OLB   UTEP


Thomas is a linebacker that has played both the strong and weak side and has been an impacting player for his college team.  He is big, strong, fast and quick.  He has very good change of direction skills and strong pass defending skills.  Thomas can also rush the QB and will improve in this area the more he's on the field.


Needs to Improve

Thomas has played multiple positions since he's been in college.  He will need to learn one position and become proficient at it.  Until that happens, he can help in pass rush situations and impact on special teams.


Talent Board Round   2

Thomas will need to step it up and be more consistent.  I believe because he's played a lot of different LB positions, he's not been able to learn just one of them to impact on a regular basis.  He will need to get bigger and hope it won't affect his speed and quickness.  In a draft full of very good LBs, Thomas will have to go to the work outs and separate himself from the pack.  The good news about Thomas is that with his speed, he'll help on special teams right away as he learns the one LB position that could make him an important player for the team that drafts him.  There's a lot of upside to this kid's game.  In fact, he just might be one of those sleepers that's right there in front of everyone to see.  I think he just needs some time and repetitions to achieve his goals.
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006