Tim Day   TE   Oregon



Tim Day is a good pass catching TE.  He shows good hands, runs solid routes, knows how to free himself up and sit down in zones to keep himself open.  He will go get the ball and understands how to slow down and keep the defender on his back when running a route.  Tim shows good speed and solid run after the catch ability. 


Needs to Improve

Tim is just not interested in blocking at all.  He has not improved in this area from year to year because it seems like he's just not interested in improving in this area.  If he had 4.35 speed, you could overlook this little indiscretion in his game.  The fact that he has only average speed for his position makes it hard to draft Tim with any confidence that he can become a complete TE. 


Talent Board Round   5

I guess Tim has tried to become a better blocker.  I know that he has had some nagging injuries.  But when you see him do things like forget the snap count in the middle of a game and not try to fire out to make his block, you just have to think that maybe his heart is not into being a football player.  As you all know, I do my evaluations from film.  I donít know if Tim has any other problems that have caused him to go backwards in his development, but he did have some very good talent when I first saw him.  That talent has not developed and I think Tim might have missed the big picture on his career.  I would take a chance on him in free agency, but I just donít think I would be interested in drafting him.  Tim needs an attitude adjustment.  Even if he's had injuries, as far as Iím concerned, that does not excuse the lack of heart and effort to get better.  If he has had some personal problems and has not been able to adapt and overcome them, then all I can say is at the next level, these personal problems will continue.  I donít know why Tim has not gotten better, but he is running out of excuses.  Maybe Iím being a little hard on Tim, but I just expected a better player than he has become and Iím a little shocked at the lack of development in his overall game.  I expected Tim to be a first day draft pick in this draft and now Iím not sure if he should even be drafted!  Iím sure he will, but I just hope that after he is drafted he gets the emotional kick in the pants that he seems to need so that he can become the complete TE that I think he can become.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006