Tim Dobbins   LB   Iowa St


Tim has good athletic talent for the LB position.  He is a good ILB that can play that position at the next level.  He shows decent speed and change of direction abilities; he's done a very good job stopping the run for his college team.  Tim has been a solid player for his college team.


Needs to Improve

Timís biggest weakness right now is the lack of consistency and instincts in general.  He has to work harder in the film room and then bring that work out onto the field. 


Talent Board Round   5

Tim really has to work harder to identify quicker what he is supposed to do on any given play.  He lacks consistency when he goes to tackle, but the fact that he does know how to tackle in the first place is a positive.  Tim does not make the players around him better and also does not, at this time, show the confidence in his own game to be a leader out on the field.  Tim has the potential to be a solid player at the next level, but not an impact player.  He needs to improve the mental portion of his game to achieve the goal of being an impact player and a leader.  If he canít do that, then he'll just be a backup player that gets on the field because of injury. 

by Drew Boylhart


April 2006