Tim Jennings   CB   Georgia
Tim is a pure CB that uses excellent techniques along with his speed and quickness to be one of the best CBís in this draft.   He is fearless when he tackles and plays with great pride.  He loves a challenge and if he doesnít find one on the field, he will hunt one out during a game.  He shows good hands to make the interception.  If you need a cover corner, then you need Tim -- itís just that simple. 
Needs to Improve
Tim is vertically challenged for his position and has some off field maturity issues that need to be researched further.  He looks like he might be a high maintenance type of guy. 
Talent Board Round   2
Pound for pound, Tim is one of the best pure CBís in this draft.  There are two factors that aren't in Timís favor for this draft in comparison to other drafts.  1) He is coming out when there are a lot of good, tall CBís in a draft.  2) Maturity issues off the field in a year that the NFL just got finished dealing with Terrell Owens (the T.O. factor).  In fact, a lot of very talented players in this program have had some off field issues that will affect their draft rankings.  Both CBís -- Minter and Jennings -- have this to deal with for the upcoming draft.  Both players are complete CBís on the field; however, both have a lot to answer for in regards to off field issues.  All you have to do is a search of their names; you'll see what I'm talking about and can form your own opinions.  Tim is a needed commodity in the NFL today.  He is the only CB in this draft that can cover a Steve Smith or a Santana Moss.  Not only can he cover them -- he can make a mistake, still catch up to them and tackle them.  He is a flashy kid; in fact, I think you could say that if your team drafts him, you have just drafted the Steve Smith of your defense.  Both players have the same type of mental make up to their games -- they just play on different sides of the ball.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006