Troy Bienemann   TE   Washington St



Troy is a complete TE that catches the ball very well and does an excellent job blocking.  He has good size and speed and does a very good job of breaking tackles after he catches the ball.  He is a very smart player and understands the importance of his position on every play.  He runs excellent routes and is the type of player that the QB, coaches and fans will fall in love with. 


Needs to Improve

Troy had a knee operation in one of his last games.  He could not work out at the combine and this has affected his draft status.  Also, he does not play for a big East team, so most people donít know how much of a complete TE he is.  He does lack burning speed, but from what I see on the tape, I bet he runs in the 4.70 to 4.80 area, which is the average for that position.   


Talent Board Round   4

Troy has three problems that affect his draft status.  He just had a knee operation, he plays for a West Coast team and the news that Vernon Davis ran a 4.35 in his forty.  Now everyone looks at all the other TEís and thinks they are slow when really, for the position, they are not slow.  The two most complete TEís in this draft are Troy and Anthony Fasano (TE - Notre Dame).   If Troy had not been injured, I would be rating him with Anthony as first day talent.  Some lucky team is going to pick Troy on the second day of the draft and when his knee has healed, they are going to get themselves a complete TE that plays through most injuries and will become an important part of that team's game plan.  Troy is a sleeper in this draft, but I think he would have been one even if he didnít have a knee injury.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006