Tye Hill   CB   Clemson


Tye is one of the smoothest cover corners in this draft.  He is quick, fast and does an excellent job in man coverage.  He has very good recovery speed and does a good job of staying with his man and on his manís hip throughout the route.  Tye looks to be a player that is still learning his position, but he's improved in every game I've seen him play this year. 


Needs to Improve

He looks to be just a pollywog right now.  He is not a very good tackler and he also gets confused in zone coverage.  The big problem is that he has hands of stone, which is not good for a CB his size. 


Talent Board Round   1

A player this size has to be able to tackle and intercept the ball to impact in the NFL.  I will give you that Tye could improve as a tackler, but if his hands are bad, then his hands are bad.  I have never seen anyone -- WR or CB -- improve their ability to catch a ball to any great degree if they don't have that ability in the first place.  Tye can correct all the other negatives he has right now and become a very good CB, but if he canít intercept the ball, then QBís will not be afraid to throw a pass in his area.  This is a kid that has 1st round athletic talent, but will never be able to be a #1 CB for his team because of poor tackling and his inability to intercept a pass.  I like this kid, but I wouldn't pick him in the first round.  I know a team will take him in the first round because he's a track star and when he works out, he'll be really impressive and move right up the draft boards.  If you take him, you will have to teach him how to tackle, how to play zone coverage and how to intercept a pass.  My question is, what is this playerís length to impact (LTI)?  I donít believe that it's quick enough to be picked in the 1st round!  If you have a lot of quick, fast slot receivers in your division, then this kid could help you if he gains about 15 lbs of muscle and learns to tackle.  For me, he would be a good 2nd round pick because I donít pick great track athletes in the first round.  In the first round, I only take great athletes that are football players.  I leave the great track athletes for the other teams to pick.  Crazy me!

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006