Victor Adeyanju   DE   Indiana


Victor has those nice long arms that you love to see on a pass rusher.  He shows a good burst off the line and uses a variety of moves to set up the OT and get pressure on the QB.  He is a good tackler and has used those long arms to cause a lot of fumbles.  Victor is a good developmental D- line project for the team that drafts him. 


Needs to Improve

Attitude, lack of fieriness in his overall play and the need to be the best are all lacking from Victorís game.  Victor is easy to block right now because if you stop his first move, he gets discouraged and quits on the play. 


Talent Board Round   3

Self-motivated players with solid or good talent can become stars at the next level if they just start to play with the attitude that they will do everything in their power not to quit on any play.  It happens all the time in the NFL -- Grant Wistrom, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Mike Strahan, Jimmy Smith...these are all players that came into the league with solid skills, but also with the attitude that would not allow them to fail.  Victor has solid skills and can be a good to great player, but his attitude must change for him to be successful at the next level.  He must start to play with the fear of failure.  He has to stop trying so hard to do everything right and just do what he needs to do to get the job done.  Victor must start to play like a man that has his coconuts in a vice and the other team has the power to crack them on any given play if he does not make the tackle, sack the QB or cause a fumble.  If he can do that, then he just might be a damn good player.  Iím not convinced he understands all of that; therefore, for me personally, I have to drop his coconuts into a basket and let some other team deal with them.  I would wait until after his first contract is up; then I might pick him and his coconuts up in free agency.
by Drew Boylhart


April 2006