Vince Young   QB   Texas


Vince is a hell of an athlete.  He is big, strong, has good speed and in the open field, is very hard to bring down.  He shows good leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  Vince has improved his ability to throw the ball every year I've seen him play.  This shows me that he wants to be the best at his position and that he works hard to improve. 


Needs to Improve

Letís be honest...Vince is nowhere near being an NFL QB.  His throwing motion is suspect (to say the least.)  He does not stay in the pocket.  He does not read defenses at all.  He is only effectve in the shotgun formation and when he's running the ball.   


Talent Board Round   2

If Vince wants to be a QB in the NFL, it will take a whole lot of hard work and about six years.  If he thinks that all he has to do when he's in trouble in the NFL is take off and run, he needs to talk to Michael Vick and JP Losman.  Both players have already broken a leg and both lost a year in their development.  Vick had a lot of injuries this year and is just now starting to learn that staying in the pocket is the only way to stay on the field and impact.  Vince doesnít have the arm strength and velocity on his ball that those two players have.  Both Vick and Losman struggle with their mechanics to this day and in doing so, miss a lot of open receivers.  Iím not sure Vince will make it as a QB in the NFL.  If he had stayed in for his senior year and I saw marked improvement in his throwing motion and velocity on his ball, then I could have given you a better profile.  Now that he's decided to leave Texas after this year because of his projection as a top ten pick, I have to say that the road for him to travel will be way too long and if you are the coach of the team that drafts him, you'll probably be fired before he becomes your QB.  I would rate Vince as a good, long-range developmental QB that I would pick maybe in the third or fourth round; but to be honest, there is no way I pick this kid to be my future franchise QB.  The recent Rose Bowl did nothing to change my mind about Vince -- in fact, if anything, it made me more convinced of my opinion of him as a potential QB in the NFL.  Now if you want to talk about him playing another position, I would be happy to see what he could do as a WR.  I bet he would be outstanding.
by Drew Boylhart


January 2006