Will Blackmon   CB/WR   Boston College


Will has good athletic ability.  He has gone back and forth from CB to WR in his college career and was a key player for his team.  He has good quickness and shows decent hands as a WR, so he should be good at interceptions.  Will has been a team player for his team and has done everything the coaches have asked of him. 


Needs to Improve

Will is not fast enough or quick enough to be a CB.  He is not quick enough or fast enough to be a WR and is not a very good route runner.  Will has not really learned either one of these positions, so he is caught between a rock and a hard place for this draft. 


Talent Board Round   4

I guess Iím the only one that can figure out what position matches this kid's talents.  Will can be a good free safety in a two deep zone system.  He has to get stronger in his upper body and learn to tackle better, but he has a good burst and his measurements at the combine put him right into the mix of safeties.  If he had worked out with the safeties, he would have shown everyone that he has decent cover skills -- equal to most of the higher ranked safeties in this draft -- along with the same athletic talents.  Will either doesnít have a very good agent or he is not listening to what people are telling him.  This program does not have very good coaching.  Every year they send out kids that have enough athletic talent to play at the next level, but lack the techniques needed to play their positions in college and are so far behind in their techniques for the pros, that most of them have trouble catching up in this area and do not impact quickly.  Mathias and Will are both dropping in this draft because they are not strong enough and do not have the techniques and will take time to learn and get better for the teams that draft them.  The LTI of both of these players are far behind other less talented players in this draft because of the poor coaching of techniques.  So now, Will is caught in this vortex that affects where he's taken in this draft because the coaches asked Will to move positions but failed to teach him the techniques of either position.  Some of this is Willís own fault because he did not learn on his own, but that's all over now.  I think he will fall to the 2nd day of this draft and maybe that will motivate him to learn one position and become a core player for the team that drafts him.  Will should be a good Safety for the team that drafts him in about three years.
by Drew Boylhart


March 2006