Winston Justice   OT   USC


Winston has good overall talent for his position.  He is strong and does a solid job pass blocking as well as run blocking.  He shows good footwork and did well protecting the blindside of his left-handed QB from the right tackle position.  He's played well this year after his suspension, which is a big plus for him. 


Needs to Improve

Winston lacks the lateral quickness at this point to be a true LT.  He could be if he wanted to be, but I question his work ethic.  On the field, Winston gives me the feeling that he's happy with his effort.  This kid is in for one hell of a shock at the next level.  After his suspension, he has kept his nose clean as far as I know, but it is a concern. 


Talent Board Round   1

Ladies, let me introduce you to one of the many big name OTís in this draft that are underachievers.  Winston is a player who plays the game with just enough effort to make excuses when he makes mistakes.  He is a very talented kid and would have no problems going to the next level providing he didnít have to worry about effort or heart.  As usual with a kid like this, he will go to the combine, work out for the scouts and everyone will get really excited about him.  Unfortunately, I feel that this kid is motivated by money and money alone.  I don't see enough pride in his play to make me think that when the chips are down, he'll rise to the occasion.  Winston will do what is required of him -- no more, no less.  I don't see the desire in his play that gives me the impression he wants to be the best at his position.  Iíd draft Winston in the 2nd round, but to me, there are too many good offensive linemen in this draft to take a chance on this kid.  Donít get me wrong -- he seems like a good kid, but it also seems like he is immature and stubborn.  That's the recipe for a player that plays as hard as he thinks he should play and that's not for me in the 1st round.  Look for Winston to move up the chart as we get closer to draft day because of his workouts.  But workouts do not measure heart or effort.  If they did, there would be a lot fewer 1st round busts!

by Drew Boylhart


January 2006