Aaron Sears   OT   Tennessee



Aaron is a very naturally gifted athletic offensive lineman.  He can play any position on the line without a struggle or a required learning curve.  He has good lateral agility and can play either tackle position.  He fits like a glove to either guard position also.  He has great feet and can be used in an offense that likes to pull its lineman.  Aaron stands up very well to the bull rush because of his size and quickness out of his stance.  He is smart, a quick study and, through his play, shows some leadership attributes.  Aaron is a Pro Bowl guard or tackle waiting to happen. 



Aaron has a weight problem.  If he does not control it, then he will be a guard.  If Aaron does control his weight, then the skyís the limit.  When he carries too much weight, it affects his lateral agility and quickness.  If Aaronís weight stays right around the 320 lbs area, he can play anywhere on the line that he wants to.  Just looking at him right now, my guess is that his weight (at this writing) is about 360 lbs.  If he stays at that weight, then he could be a good right guard.  Being overweight will also affect his mental stamina and cause him to commit a lot of penalties. 



Aaron has first round talent wrapped in a second round weight problem.  Iím sure he will lose some weight for the combine and that might push him into the first round of this draft.  The question is, once you draft him will he gain the weight back?  I hope he doesnít because this kid could be one of the good ones and it would be a shame to see him just become average.  This weight issue is the only reason Iím listing Aaron as a second rounder.  The truth is that as a guard, he is a plug in offensive lineman and that is not a bad thing when it comes to the draft.  Aaron has the potential to make a lot of money and be a hell of a player if he watches his weight.  I hope he does.  Naturally athletic talent in a big man like this does not come along that often.   

Drew Boylhart