Adam Carriker   DE/DT   Nebraska



Adam is a powerful defensive lineman who can play more than one position on the line.  He uses his hands very well and is excellent at the point of attack.  He could easily bulk up and become a DT or play right now at his size as a DE in a 3-4.   He can also play the strong side DE in a 4-3.  Adam is what I call a power pass rusher.  He uses mostly inside moves to get to the QB and doesn’t have to rely on speed to get there.  He overpowers his man, using his quickness in a small space to defeat his opponent and put pressure on the QB.  Adam shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better.  He is an excellent team player and handles a double team very well.   



Adam is not an “off the edge” speed rusher.  Because he plays mostly DE, the scouts might downgrade him.  That will be a big mistake.  His lack of speed hurts his ability to beat an OT around the edge, but he’s smart and works hard, so his lack of speed will not hurt his overall game very much as soon as he gets some experience. 



Adam is the type of kid you build a defense around.  He will never stop trying to improve in any area he might have limitations.  He will be to your defense what Peyton Manning is to an offense.  Adam is a leader and a communicator on the field.  As far as using him as a pass rusher…the truth is, all you have to do is move him inside on third and long and he will be a monster getting to the QB.  At the same time, he’ll still give you a presence to stop the occasional offensive coordinator who thinks he is going to run for the first down.  Adam fits the new 1-gap defensive line scheme that seems to be all the rage in the NFL right now.  He has a lot of the same talents that Tommy Harris has, but is more consistent in defending against the run.  This type of Defensive lineman is very hard to find.  They take care of their run responsibilities and are not interested in who gets credit for the sack just as long as somebody gets to the QB.  Like I said, Adam is the type of D-lineman you build your defense around.  He will do all the work that’s needed and he doesn’t care who gets the credit.  D-lineman like Adam are often taken for granted by the fans and media, but not by offensive coordinators who have to figure out a way for Adam not to impact the game or turn an offensive lineman into a slobbering fool.

Drew Boylhart