Adrian Peterson   RB   Oklahoma



Adrian is a big, powerful, fast RB with all the athletic talent and tools to be one of the best.  He runs with speed and excellent technique.  He shows good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field.  He enjoys the physical part of the game and never shies away from a hit.  Adrian knows how to run between the tackles as well as understands that speed is not the only way to turn the corner on a sweep.  Adrian will get you the tough yards and also break the big play and bring it all the way to the house. 



Adrian must learn how to stay away from the injuries so he can stay on the field and impact.  He must learn to protect his body; I suggest he talks to Tiki Barber and picks his brain on this issue.  Adrian already has a lot of wear and tear on his body, which could cause a lot of teams to shy away from picking him too early in the draft.  Sometimes having too much testosterone is just as bad as not having enough. 



Adrian has one weakness -- and one weakness only -- in his game.  No, itís not fumbling or blocking or size or speed Ė itís injuries.  Thatís right, injuries.  This issue and this issue alone might push him out of the top ten on some teamsí boards.  For me personally, I say donít be foolish.  I would never punish a player as talented as this because of injuries.  It is part of the game and also a part of maturing as a player.  As Adrian matures, heíll learn when to push for that extra yardage and when  to not push.  He will learn how to fall and take a hit so he protects himself and still make the needed yardage.  Heíll learn all of this because Adrian wants to be one of the best ever to play this game.  I can see that in his play on the field.  Oklahomaís offense this year WAS Adrian Peterson Ė and he loved it, until he got hurt.  Donít get me wrong; Adrian is a team player.  However, when he was asked to step up his game, he did it no questions asked.  He did it for his team and his coach.  Adrian is going to be a hell of a player in the NFL.  All he has to do is stay on the field to accomplish this.  Iíll call him Adrian (Bye Bye) Peterson because once you hand the ball off to him he waves bye bye - all the way to the end zone.

Drew Boylhart