AJ Davis   CB   North Carolina St



AJ is very quick and damn fast.  He has all the athletic talent you need to play the CB position at the next level.  He is a smart player and possesses excellent natural change of direction skills.  AJ plays equally well in zone or man-to-man coverage.   He is a good tackler and does a decent job coming up to support the run.  He shows excellent hands to intercept the ball and is great when defending the fade pass in the end zone.  AJ is also a very solid special teams player and will help out a team in nickel-dime and special teams right away.  AJ is a very good player and as soon as he realizes it, he will become a CB that QBís at the next level will stay away from.    



AJ needs to build up his confidence and learn to take more calculated chances.  He has to learn to forget when he makes mistakes and he has to play stronger so that the bigger receivers donít push him around when they run their routes.  As soon as he learns these things, he will become a feared CB and a playmaker.    



Confidence, confidence, confidence -- that is really all this kid needs to impact at the next level.  As soon as AJ gets more experience in the league and feels like he is as good as anyone else, this kid will be something to watch.  He has that quick twitch and the smooth hip-flip that will allow him to recover and intercept a pass in a blink of an eye.  As soon as AJ gets some experience, he is going to be able to sucker a lot of QBís into interceptions.  He is one of the quicker CBís in this draft and that quickness will be critical for success on special teams; this will make him a ďdouble troubleĒ weapon for the team that drafts him.  AJ looks to me like he could be something very special, but his LTI is a little longer than most players with talent like this because he needs confidence in himself to become the CB his talent suggests he can be.  Before this draft is over, this kid could easily move into the first round.    

Drew Boylhart