Amobi Okoye   DT   Louisville



Amobi is a big kid thatís still growing into his body.  He shows potential at the college level for his position because he seems to be very athletic.  He has quick feet, good lateral agility and looks like he could play in any style of defense.  Amobi works hard and has shown some decent pass-rushing moves.  He gives the impression that he could be a DT that would be able to get his team some sacks and tackles for losses.  Amobi has 1st round talent and has the potential to be a very good DT at the next level.  Amobi reminds me a lot of Marquise Hill (DL New England Patriots.)



I know this kid is younger than most draft choices and that heís very smart; however, I donít see any ďfire in the bellyĒ in this kidís play on the field.  He does not dominate play at the college level.  Amobi is not quick out of his stance and doesnít have very good strength.  This all could be because he concentrated more on his studies than he did on football.  But with his talent, there should be no questions about his overall effort on the field.  Add to this the fact that he does not play with an attitude and Iím not convinced that Amobi will be an impact player at the next level.   



I see Amobi being a solid player for the team that drafts him, but not an impact player.  I know he is young, but remember, it takes more than talent to play at the next level.   He still has so much more to learn and he is far away from having the strength needed to be consistent at the next level.  Iím not convinced that Amobi understands the mental pressures he will have to endure in the proís.  He has the talent to play in the NFL and heís a smart kid, but he does not possess (at this point of his career) the intangibles for the next level.  In my opinion, his LTI does not match his talent.  If he works out well, he will be picked in the first round, but it will take some time for him to get on the field and be productive.  I like this kidís potential and there are not many true 1-gap/2-gap DTís in this draft.  I would interview him and if my gut, heart and head told me this kid is behind because he was more interested in completing his studies than football, then I would take a chance on the kid and pick him somewhere in the first round.  However, that interview better convince me because right now, he is a first day pick, late 2nd to early 3rd rounder.  As I said before, Amobi reminds me a lot of Marquise Hill (see profile in archives).  He played for LSU, was drafted in the 2004 draft and has not seen much of the field at all.  The talent level is about the same and so is the attitude.  Amobi is a tadpole just learning the game and you will need to be very patient with him if you expect him to get on the field and be a solid player for you.  

Drew Boylhart