Anthony Arline   CB   Baylor



Anthony has excellent size, speed and quickness to play the CB position at the next level.  He is a solid tackler and although he is a tall CB, he has great quickness to cover the small quick WRís that teams in the NFL like to have on their rosters to create difficult match-ups for their opponents.  Anthony has a smooth stride and looks like he is not expelling very much energy when he is blanketing a WR.  Anthony has the talent to be a future shutdown corner if he can correct the one big negative that is holding him back from being one of the better CBís in this draft.  Anthony reminds me a lot of Chris McAllister (CB Ravens).



Anthonyís biggest problem is confidence.  Thatís it, confidence.  Confidence in his own mental abilities and confidence that he has as much athletic talent and can match-up with best WRís at the next level.  He is afraid to take calculated chances and has trouble turning the page if he makes a mistake.  This makes him over cautious when supporting the run and in coverage. 



The coach and the team that can unlock this kidís potential and free him up mentally will have themselves a Pro Bowl CB.  But believe me when I say that this is not going to be an easy thing to accomplish.  Anthony will always be a little bit on the cautious side, so I do not expect him to ever reach Pro Bowl status.  But I do think he will become a very good #2 CB and when he goes out to free agency, he is going to make a lot of money if he can just reach that level in the NFL.  This is the type of kid that the longer he plays, the more he will be appreciated.  Like I said before, he reminds me a lot of Chris McAlister.  He has the same athletic abilities, but he needs someone to hypnotize him to give his confidence a big boost. 

Drew Boylhart