Anthony Gonzales   WR   Ohio St



Anthony has excellent speed and size for his position.  He has very good hands to catch the ball and does a solid job running his routes.  He is a tough kid and will go over the middle and make the tough catch along with his ability to catch the deep ball.  Anthony looks like he is a good teammate and that heís strong enough to get off the line against the bump.  He has enough strength in his lower body to not get shoved off his routes.  He also does a solid job blocking for the run game.  Anthony has the potential to be an excellent WR for the team that drafts him. 



Because Anthony is able to outrun most of the CBís heís been up against, he has a lot to learn about his position.  He is very mechanical and lacks instincts right now.  He does not know how to use his speed to his best advantage.  He runs all his routes at the same speed, does not change gears, does not read defenses very well and he does not sense when his QB is in trouble and to cut off or change his route. Right now, all you have to do is use zone coverage and you can cut Anthonyís impact in half.   Anthony has to be taught how to use his speed and this will take sometime.  



Anthony reminds me a lot of Don Beebe (former WR for the Bills and Packers).  He had a lot of speed, but the one thing that kept Don Beebe from being a number one WR was the fact that he didnít understand how to use his speed until late in his career.  It took Don almost his entire career to understand that if he used his speed every time he ran a route, defenses could deal with covering him.  Defenses could read Don like a book.  They could read what he was going to do; when he was on the field, they knew where he was going to end up, so all they did was wait for him at a certain area and he would be covered.  Most opponents would use a zone defense against Don and he would run into coverage.  The Bills figured out that the less Don was on the field, the more impact he would have.  They also figured out that Don needed to be in three and four WR sets so that the other team had to use man-to-man coverage against him.  Anthony had a lot of problems in the bowl game because his opponents used zone against him and Anthony did not know how to sit down in the zone or change/cut off his routes to help his QB who was in trouble all day long.  In effect, Anthony ran into coverage all day long.  Most of the time when a WR comes out with a ton of speed it takes time for them to realize that they are going to have to learn the intricacies of their position and they no longer can get by on just blowing by the defense and making the big play.  This is a shock to them and sometimes it will take three or four years before they can be productive in the NFL.  Anthony looks like he is a smart kid and a hard worker; I list him as second round talent because of his potential LTI.  I have no doubt that he will be an excellent WR as soon as he adjusts to the NFL.  

Drew Boylhart