Antonio Pittman   RB   Ohio St



For his size, Antonio is a strong inside runner.  He shows on film to have quickness and burst and does a good job hitting the hole and bursting through to the second level.  He follows his blocks very well and does a good of changing speeds.  Antonio is basically a 1 cut and go back.  He doesnít waste a lot of time trying to make a tackler miss.  He is more inclined to take the tackler on, but is smart enough in most cases not to take him head on.  In a zone blocking offensive line scheme, Antonio should be a pretty good back at the next level for the team that drafts him.    



He needs more bulk added to his frame because the way he runs lends itself to injury at the next level.  He doesnít look to be a good blocker in the passing game and does not know how to read a defense for the blitzing LB, CB, or safety.  Antonio does not show very good vision in the hole nor does he show very good lateral movement to make a tackler miss.  He will have to work hard and learn this to become a full time RB in any type of offense and Iím not sure he is willing to do that.    



Antonio could be drafted and impact right away in a zone blocking scheme offense, but in any other offense, he is going to take some time to develop.  He has the talent to play at the next level, but he has not learned the little things that a RB needs to learn to be successful for the next level.  I suspect that after he works out, Antonio  could move up into the second round of this draft because of his straight-line speed and burst.  But the truth is, right now for the purposes of this draft, he is a system RB.  That means if he is drafted by a team that uses a certain system, he could impact right away.  He still is going to have to learn how to block and pick up blitzing defensive players or he will be a one year wonder.  So you had better interview this kid in depth before you draft him to make sure he is ready to work and learn what is required of him because personally, I have my doubts that this kid understands how hard he is going to have to work to become a complete RB at the next level.   

Drew Boylhart