Aundrae Allison   WR   East Carolina



Aundrae has good size and speed to play the WR position.  He is the type of player that wants to be good and every time I see him play, he continues to improve.  He does an accurate job running his routes and a decent job blocking for his teammates.  Aundrae will run the underneath routes and will go over the middle.  He shows decent hands and has the speed to get deep.  Aundrae will be a hell of a WR at the next level as soon as he gets through the learning curve.    



His hands are shaking and he is a little squirrelly going over the middle.  Aundrae sometimes body-catches the ball and has problems getting separation when he runs his routes.  He is a tadpole when it comes to concentration.  All of this and more will not stop Aundrae from being successful at the next level.    



I have not seen anyone in this draft want to play at the next level more than Aundrae.  As soon as he gets with a knowledgeable WR coach, he should improve in all aspects of his game very quickly because he wants it so bad.  Aundrae will put the team who drafts him through some growing pains.  He will drop some balls, fumble and he will make mistakes, but just stick with the kid because he could become one of the better WRís in the game in a few years.  As soon as he learns how to run his routes quicker, I believe he will be one of the better WRís that make the tough catch over the middle.  I like this kidís passion and I believe in three years, he will be a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  He should be able to help out on special teams as he learns the intricacies of the WR position for the team that drafts him.  Aundrae is a  #2 or #3 WR with very good potential to be a #1 WR.

Drew Boylhart