Ben Grubbs   OG   Auburn



Ben is very athletic and, when he wants to be, a technically sound offensive lineman.  He has very good feet and can easily go out and block an LB when he is left uncovered.  Ben is an excellent pulling guard and as far as techniques are concerned, he is without a doubt further ahead in this department than just about anyone else in this draft.  Ben is nasty -Ė he is even nasty to his own teammates, but at the same time, he has their respect.  With all this talent, you would think that he would be considered the first O-lineman off the board in this draft.  Unless he wows them at the combine and workouts, this will not happen.  



Benís biggest problem is a lack of upper body strength and physical stamina.  To put it bluntly, he is out of shape and did not improve his overall game this year.  He looked exactly the same as he did his junior year and Iím not sure why!  Maybe he was bored or maybe he missed his buddies who left for the NFL last year.  Maybe he tried to do too much or maybe there is a medical problem that I donít know about.  Iím not sure, but I can tell you this, he did not improve from last year and that will be noted.  



Iím not going to downgrade this kid too much because maybe he concentrated on his studies or had a personal problem or something else that I donít know about.  However, I can say this much:  I like the Blalock kid because of his versatility, but this kid is much further along and his LTI will help a team the day after he is drafted.  He looks to me like he is a hard worker, but at times, he seemed not to finish his blocks just like in his junior year.  He just gets sloppy when he gets tired.  At the next level, if he doesnít get in better shape, when he gets tired, he will commit a lot of penalties during important drives.  This is his downfall and unless he corrects it, he is doomed to jump around from team to team in free agency for his NFL career.  If he builds up his stamina, he is a Pro Bowl guard that will become an excellent left guard for the team that drafts him.  You see, you have to watch the whole game to understand that Ben goes downhill and gets really tired in the fourth quarter.  Holding at the college level is not called the same way as it is in the NFL.  Ben is a very talented kid that has to get stronger physically to compete.  Thatís about average for most players coming out in the draft.  The difference for Ben is that not improving might have cost him a lot of money.  I guess my question to Ben in an interview is, why didnít you improve?  If he doesnít have a good answer, then I have to question his character and passion because I have no problems with his intelligence or talent.  

Drew Boylhart