Ben Patrick   TE   Delaware



Ben is a very athletic TE.  In this draft, he might have the best athleticism of all the TEís.  He has good speed and size and looks like he could get even bigger.  He shows me that he has decent hands and catches the ball very well on short and intermediate routes.  He has the speed to split the safeties and the size to make it difficult to tackle him once he secures the ball.  He also shows solid skills as an inline blocker.    



Ben plays like he is bored!  He has way too much athleticism not to have very good quickness, but he does not show quickness at all.  He doesnít show the quickness out of his stance, in blocking or in running his routes.  Iím thinking that he might have a problem learning his assignments, is thinking too much and not just reacting and doing.  If thatís not the problem, then he does not have the quickness to be effective at the NFL level.  Itís just that simple!  



Benís pure athleticism warrants him being looked at in this draft, but his lack of quickness, or maybe passion, to play the game gives him only a free agent look-see in a camp.  If he has a learning problem, then you have to take that into consideration and just maybe he is worth a late round pick and the practice squad until he can get up to speed.  Ben has a long way to go before he can play effectively for a team in the NFL.    

Drew Boylhart