Brady Quinn   QB   Notre Dame



Brady has a good arm along with excellent overall athletic abilities.  He shows good accuracy and touch throwing on the run.  He does a very good job managing the game plan under pressure and he is able to adjust mentally and with out panic when a play breaks down.  Brady shows excellent leadership quailities.  He makes the players around him better and understands the mental and physical demands of his position.  He does not make many mistakes and understands situational football.  Brady is a franchise QB.  There are some good QB's in this draft but at this time I would have to say that Brady is the only true franchise QB.  



Brady must improve his ability to throw from the pocket.  Right now he leaves the pocket a little quicker than I like to see.  He needs to throw on rhythm and trust his WR's a little bit more than he does right now.  When he stays in the pocket and throws on rhythm he looks like a pro bowl QB.  



When Brady stays in the pocket and throws on rhythm he reminds me a lot of Phil Simms QB - Garden State Giants.  Brady has all the talent in the world to play at the next level but he must learn to get rid of the ball quicker and stay in the pocket and demand more from his WR's and O-lineman.  He is a tough kid and there is no problem with him taking a hit but in the tough games he is making too many plays on his own.  I know it's a catch 22 situation but he has to throw quicker and make his O-lineman hold their blocks longer and demand his WR's run their routes quicker and faster.  If Brady continues to leave the pocket this year and does not progress as a pocket passer then he runs the risk of lengthening his LTI ratio.  Everybody is game planning for this kid this year and it would not surprise me to see a lot of people start to down grade this kid but remember a QB that struggles his last year of college ball after having enormous success will have a positive affect on his LTI ratio for the next level.  Remember the graph of success.  First you start off with a bang and then you level off before you finally go up the ladder again.  It's how well you handle that level off period that dictates your ability to be successful.  If you handle it well in college then you will do the same in the pro's.  Right now Brady is a top five pick but if you can down grade Matt Leinart then I guess some fools can down grade Brady too.  But remember the key word would be "fools". 


Drew Boylhart