Brandon Jackson   RB   Nebraska



Brandon has the type of talent that translates very well to the next level.  He shows a good burst through the hole with sharp vision, excellent lateral agility and quickness.  Brandon is a very smart player who understands situational football. He shows me excellent hands out of the backfield and I have a sneaking suspicion that he can catch the ball down the field better than a lot of WR’s.  Brandon gets the yardage in chunks.  He does not have great speed, but he does have good speed in the open field.  He is a very underrated RB at this time in the draft and he has the same ability to impact the game like Thurman Thomas and Curtis Martin did for their teams.  He has that same style of “intelligent running” with good balance and excellent understanding of the big picture. 



Brandon has the abilities, but he has to prove he has the same determination as those two great backs have had.  Durability and a passion to avoid tackles will determine what quality of back Brandon will be. 



Although Brandon has the same style and athletic abilities as the two great backs I mentioned above, he has to prove that he is as durable and determined.  He has to prove that he can take the pounding at the next level.  He also has to prove that he wants it more than anything else.  These are the questions I have of Brandon and these should be the questions he has of himself.  He has not been the main man for his college team and I’m not sure what that is all about!  All I know is that every time I see him on the field, he gains yards.  I know he is not very decisive when he runs a sweep, but that can be rectified with better blocking.  He is not the type of back that is going to change his field and break the big play, but there are a lot of successful backs that can’t do that either.  My point is that Brandon is a good player and if you need a smart back that could turn into a great back, you need to draft Brandon.  He is the type of player that is going to be a better NFL player than he was a college player. 

Drew Boylhart