Brandon Merriweather   S   Miami



Talent-wise, Brandon might be the most talented DB in this draft.  He has the size, strength, speed and the burst to play more than one position in the defensive backfield.  He is very quick and is a good, strong tackler.  He will be an excellent special teams player; in fact, he has the quickness to be a weapon on special teams.  He stands up to a challenge and takes pride in his game.  Brandon has top ten talent at the safety position and at the CB position -- Iím talking about in zone coverage and man-to-man coverage.  He is like a sniper out on the field when he plays the Free Safety position.  He will just lay back and wait for the QB to make a mistake and then, like a sniper, he pulls the trigger and goes in for the kill.  Brandon Merriweather could be one of the best players in this draft.    



I call him a sniper because -- well, everyone raise their hand that carries a gun hidden in their pants.  Letís seeÖone, two, three.  Thatís it -- just three of you out there!  I just have to wonder about what other off field issues we donít know about that pertain to Brandon or any other Miami players?  I guess what is most impressive about Brandon is how he waits for a player to be on the ground (read: defenseless) before he steps on their face with his cleats.  I have no doubt that Brandon will convince someone to draft him in this draft.  He is what we call a ďplayerĒ -- a kid that plays on peopleís emotions to get them to change their minds about him and his behavior.  I can just see Mike Brown and Mike Shanahan in a room interviewing this kid and believing everything they are hearing.   



Brandon has top ten talent, but that talent is currently married to a brain that is very self-destructive.  This is a kid that most likely will be picked in the second round of this draft because some team, no matter how much they tell you that they wonít draft Brandon, will draft him!  Itís just that simple!  They did it with Maurice and they will do it with Brandon.  How many times do I have to tell you that it takes more than talent to play at the next level?  Character, intelligence, passion and then, talent are the main ingredients and in that order.  If I were to put a number grade on Brandon for each of one of those categories from one to ten (ten being the top score) it would look like this:  Character = 0, Intelligence = 0, Passion = 5, Talent = 10.  Total = 15 points out of a possible 40 score.  Do you think that is enough to draft him?  I donít!  But then, thatís just me Ė a guy who believes that having talent isnít everything!    

Drew Boylhart