Brandon Myles   WR   West Virginia



Brandon is an excellent WR with good speed and even better quickness.  He has decent hands and does well adjusting to the ball to make the difficult catches.  He is very quick in and out of his breaks and shows the speed to get deep and catch the deep pass.  Brandon is a smart player, a team player and he has no problems going over the middle and making that tough third and long catch to keep the chains moving.  This is a complete WR who blocks well in the running game and has the potential to be a #1 WR for the team that drafts him.  He reminds me a lot of Chad Johnson (WR Cincinnati Bengals). 



Brandon has been mired deep in the Pat & Steve show.  He has excellent talent, but, like Chad Johnson when he came out, Brandon will need to add bulk and get stronger without losing his quickness so that he will not be pushed off his route.  If he can get bigger and stronger, that will help him to develop into a better RAC yardage wide receiver.  This is normal for most of the WRís coming into the NFL. 



This kid is a sleeper pick and unless he knocks the socks off of the scouts, GMís and coaches in the combine and Senior Bowl, he will not be picked in the first round.  That makes Brandon, in my mind, a sleeper pick and a steal in just about any other round that he might fall into.  I think in this draft that he might be the quickest of all the bigger receivers in and out of his breaks.  Brandon is a smart WR, a good teammate and has taken a back seat to the Pat & Steve show for his team willingly.  I feel that if the coaches had used him more in the passing game, his college team would have had a better record and been in a bigger bowl game.  The coaches were so enamored with running the ball that they forgot to develop the passing game into more of a weapon and in doing so, buried this kidís talent, character and passion for the game.  Thatís a shameÖbut to Brandonís credit, he never let it bother him and continued to develop his game by refining his blocking techniques and helping to make the running game successful.  Look for everybody to be surprised at how much speed Brandon has once he starts to work out, but also look closely at how quick he is.  His quickness will really surprise a lot of scouts, coaches and GMís.  The question is, will his workouts be enough to move him up in this draft?  I think it will.  I think that if your favorite team needs a WR in this draft, pray they pick Brandon because  Character, Intelligence, Passion and Talent to play in the NFL do not come in a package like this very often.  He reminds me of Chad Johnson, but I think he will be better and more consistent than Chad and that should be something!  

Drew Boylhart