Brandon Siler   LB   Florida



Brandon is a solid LB with good size and speed and can play inside or outside LB.  He shows strong tackling skills and does a good job in pass defense.  He shows an excellent burst and quickness to go along with some decent change of direction skills.  Brandon shows leadership skills through his play on the field and, in this draft, is one of the few highly rated LBs that can stay on the field for all three downs.  Brandon is still developing as a player and has not reached his potential, but he is a smart kid and in time should be an excellent LB.  There is very good upside to his game and his game translates very well to the next level. 



Brandon had a knee injury and is still not back to full strength.  His best position at the next level might be on the outside at first because he is still learning and does not always meet, greet and shed his blocks with full force, but I think this will come in time.  He lacks consistency right now and needs repetitions.  When he gets both, he should be very good. 



Brandon is a complete LB and although I would like to see a little more passion in his game, there is no doubt about his character, intelligence and talent.  Brandon tried to play through some injuries and for that reason, it is a little hard to downgrade a kid in the passion category, so my gut tells me that he might be over-thinking out there on the field.  Im convinced that as soon as he gains some experience and repetitions, he is going to be one fine LB for the team that drafts him.  I like this kid a lot and I believe he can get better than he is right now and I have to say that he is one of the better LBs in this draft.  Id like to see him become more consistent with his tackling.  Also, when he gets caught out of position, Id like to see him explode more to the ball.  All in all, however, he has excellent potential and if his knee is better by the time he works out at the combine, he will be one of the first LBs taken off the board.  In fact, he could be the first one taken.  He has to get past the Patrick Willis PR machine, but he could do it.

Drew Boylhart