Brian Leonard   RB/FB   Rutgers



Brian has excellent size, speed and talent to play multiple positions at the next level.  He is a very smart player and an excellent team player.  He is playing multiple positions for his college team and has been solid in executing all phases of those positions.  Brian has played Tailback, Fullback, H-back and I have even seen him line up in the slot as a receiver.  This kid has the athletic talent to be a weapon at the next level.  He can block like a fullback and picks up the blitz in the passing game like a RB.  He still has not scratched the surface of his RB talents.  He reminds me a lot of John Riggins (former RB - Washington Redskins).



Brian has the same problem as Brian Urlacher when he came out in the draft.  They both are so talented and athletic and have great character that it is too good to be true.  Most scouts will try to nitpick this kid to death in the hope that he will drop to them in the draft.  Of course Iím not sure how well the ďLeonard LeapĒ will work in the NFL, but Iíll let Brian decide that for himself. 



If someone tells you that Brian reminds them of Mike Alstott (FB - Tampa Bay Bucs), you know right away that they are listening to a scout who is trying to downgrade Brian and praying he is there for his team to pick late in the draft.  Brian has more athletic talent in his left butt cheek than Mike Alstott ever thought of having.  Brian has the same athletic talent that Brian Urlacher has.  As I stated earlier - he reminds me a lot of John Riggins (former RB Washington Redskins) and I believe he will have the same impact on the NFL as Riggins did in his career.  I personally consider Brian a top ten pick in this draft, but Iím sure he will not be picked in the top ten.  The scouts know that a player who is a Fullback/ H-Back in college is not going to be picked in the top ten; however, I would if I was picking in these slots.  Brian can play any position he wants and in a system you need him to play in.  Tackling him on a sweep in the NFL is going to scare the living crap out of those itsy bitsy CBís and safeties.  To them, he is going to look like Jason in one of those Friday the 13th movies.  I can just see him playing for the Denver Broncos and becoming the feature back in their system.  I can see him becoming the featured back in any system for any team in the NFL.  Iím going to call him Brian (Jason) Leonard because if you put a hockey mask on him and tell him to run, he is just going to scare the living crap out of you just like Jason did in all those Friday the 13th movies.

Drew Boylhart