Brian Robison DE/LB Texas



Brian is a good solid DE with great athleticism and work ethic.  He is a player that, in my opinion, is playing out of position.  I waited until after the combine to confirm my suspicions.  If I profiled Brian as a DE, then I would have to say that he is an average DE for the college level.  He is solid with good size and strength and has enough speed to tackle players from behind; he does a decent job carrying out his assignments and playing within the structure of the defensive game plan.  The truth is, if you draft him and change him over to an OLB in a 3-4 defense, I believe that you will unleash his athleticism and the potential he has to be a top OLB for the team that drafts him. 



Is Brian a tweener because he doesnít want to play the OLB position or is he a player that got stuck at a position because early in his career he showed some talent to be a very good DE?  If Brian is willing to switch positions and shows the intelligence to switch positions, then he could be a sleeper OLB and one of the better ones to come out in this draft. 



I thought this kid had a lot of athletic talent so I waited until after the combine to see if I was correct.  Brianís measurements and times are right up there with the better LBís in this class.  That tells me that Brian is not playing up to his athletic potential and what I see on film tells me itís not because the kid is lazy or full of himself.  Brian is playing out of position and needs some good coaching.  As long as he is willing to change positions and continue to work hard, I think that Brian will have a good career at the next level.  He reminds me a little of Brian Simmons (LB Cincinnati Bengals.  Brian Simmons has not developed into the impact OLB that most people thought he would become, but he is not playing in a defense that really takes full advantage of his true talents.  If a team with smart coaches drafts Brian and use him in a 3-4 defense, in a few years I think they are going to have themselves a hell of a player and a player that will most likely stay with the team that drafts him after his first contract is up.  How do I know this you ask?  Because Iím me and thatís what I do -- I just say things and then hope that Iím right about them.  Just like the other ďexpertsĒ do.

Drew Boylhart