Buster Davis   LB   Florida St



Buster is a very quick, strong, powerful LB who is a very good tackler.  He takes accurate angles when attacking a RB and shows leadership abilities by his play on the field.  Buster is type of player that loves to defend against the run.  Although he is small in stature, Buster has good bulk and explosion in his legs as well as natural instincts to play his LB position.  Buster should be able to help the team that drafts him right away in certain situations and in specific defensive systems.



Right now, Buster is a two-down LB.  He struggles in pass defense.  Most of it is because its just not his favorite thing to do when he is out on the field.  He likes to stop the run -- he wants to stop the run and he does it well.  Buster can be a good pass defending LB, but he will have to work hard at it; hell also have to take his drops further than the average size LB because he is short.



I know that Buster is being considered as a first day pick in this draft.  The truth is that as a run stuffer, he has first day talent; however, like Patrick Willis (LB Mississippi), Buster, for the purpose of this draft, is a two-down LB.  Buster is also undersized.  This does not mean that both these LBs will not be picked in the first round and be core players for the teams that draft them, but for me to invest first day money in LBs that can only play two downs does not make much sense. I would jump all over them on the second day, but not the first.  In this draft, there are not a lot of complete LBs and the ones that are complete LBs are not necessarily impacting LBs.  So, when we see a kid make a really good tackle from the MLB position, we are starting to overrate that player.  Buster Davis is a good LB, but he is also a system LB.  He should be in a 4-3 defense with some big boys in front of him so that he can flow freely to make the tackle.  He is not the type of LB that can take on a big Guard or Center, meet them in the hole and then shed them and make the tackle.  He is a two-down LB that will help on special teams until he shows that he is better in pass defense. In a normal draft, he is a second day pick.  In this draft, he might go in the first day.

Drew Boylhart