Calvin Johnson   WR   Georgia Tech



Calvin has excellent size, strength, speed, hands, face, neck, thighs, ankles, calves and everything else that you can think of that might be needed to play his position.   He has those long legs that make it really difficult for CBs to keep up with him and to tackle him.  He has excellent body control when going up to get the ball and he can really add on the yards after the catch to gain first down, after first down, after first down.  There are only two people that can stop Calvin from being a star at the next level.  A bad QB and Calvin himself.  Calvin is a team player and a very good blocker.  He runs good routes, catches the ball with some pretty powerful hands and has excellent mental toughness.  He is smart and will be the type of player that will dictate to defenses how to play him.  Calvin is a franchise WR. 



Calvin just needs to be able to handle the fame and money and responsibility that will come his way when he is drafted.  Right now, it looks like that will not be much of a problem. 



Can you imagine this kid playing on the same team as Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?!  Just the thought of that sends chills down my spine.  If I were a team that had one of those QBs, I would be looking to move up to draft Calvin really fast.  Calvin is a junior and still has to declare himself eligible, but he has nothing to learn and nothing to gain by staying in for his last year of school.  There is not a job out there that is going to pay him as much as the NFL is going to pay this kid and he can always finish school after he starts his career.  Now, some of you out there might be thinking how terrible I am to suggest that this kid come out early.  First of all, football-wise, there is nothing left for this kid to learn or prove.  Second, theres not a diploma out there that will guarantee him the money that he is going to make in the NFL and third, he looks like he is mature enough to handle the next level.  This is a good kid who takes his responsibilities seriously.  Calvin has the athletic ability and maturity to be one of the best.  There is no sense in waiting another year to gain that success.  The injury factor in this game is always just lurking around the corner and if Calvin stays in, he runs the risk of injury and a mental block/concern about protecting himself from injury.  If he does this, hell lose a lot of money.  Im going to call him Calvin (Got it All) Johnson because hes got everything you need to be a star- hes got it all!

Drew Boylhart