Cameron Stephenson   OG   Rutgers



Cameron is the type of player that just has to find the right position that fits his talents.  He is very strong physically and mentally and shows excellent leadership skills.  He is quick, has very good feet and makes his block no matter if he is out of position or not.  Cameronís best attribute is the effort he gives on every single play, which, in turn, makes the other linemen he plays with give similar effort on every single play. There is no doubt about this kidís ability to be a starting offensive lineman at the next level. 



Cameron needs a lot of technique work and repetitions, but I see in him a player who has almost the same abilities (mentally and physically) as Nick Mangold.  I think with a little time and hard work that this kid could become a top-flight center who is able to go out, block a linebacker and stop the bull rush.



I have seen Cameron play LT and although it is not a pretty sight, he never gave up and he did it to the best of his abilities.  Then the coaches moved him inside to a more natural position for him.  Although he struggled at times, it was not because he was not athletic enough to handle the position, it was all because of lack of repetitions and technique.  I know this because he kept improving every time I saw him.  Cameron should be able to play the left guard position at the next level or center.  I like his potential as a center because of his natural leadership skills.  I also like his athleticism and body type to fit the center position better than any other position on the line.  Right now, Cameron is not as quick out of his stance as Nick Mangold is and he does struggle a bit going out to block an LB; however, I think all of this is because he just needs more coaching and repetitions and time to reach his full potential.  He has a lot of the same attributes as Nick Mangold and I think that he will become a core player for the team that drafts him at the center or guard position.  This kidís talents translate very well to the next level.  Cameron may not be drafted because of his LTI, but if he is, then some smart team will be securing an offensive lineman that just might make it to a Pro Bowl some day. 

Drew Boylhart