Chansi Stuckey   WR   Clemson



Chansi plays with excellent passion and talent.  He has very good speed and quickness and has strong hands to go along with solid run-after-catch ability.  Chansi runs good routes and wants to be the ďgo toĒ WR for the team that drafts him.  He has excellent overall athletic talent to play more than one position and could be a great addition to a teamís special teams unit once he concentrates and learns the return game.  Chansi reminds me a lot of Steve Smith (WR Carolina Panthers).  He shows the same ďneed to be a starĒ attitude that Steve has.  Believe me, that is a very good attitude to have when you are a developing WR for the next level. 



Chansi has to slow himself down mentally and start to relax a little bit.  He must get stronger and learn to use his speed to his advantage.  He runs a lot of his routes at full speed and he has to learn to play smarter.  Not every play is going to be a big play and he has to learn to accept that.  He is inconsistent catching the ball right now and all of this comes I think from Chansi being in too much of a hurry to make the big play. 



Chansi has all the ingredients to be a #1 WR for the team that drafts him.  He just has to learn to get all those ingredients together in one pot, let them simmer and come to a boil.  Chansi wants to be a star and he wants it so bad that he is trying to do everything all at once, which I believe is the cause of his inconsistence.  The most important aspect of Chansiís game on which he must concentrate to be a star at the next level is learning to catching the ball all the time!  If he does this, everything else will fall into place.  Chansi is in too much of a hurry to impress and make the big play when the biggest play he can make is to just catch the ball.  He must catch the ball when he runs the short routes, the long routes, the routes over the middle and any other routes that anyone else can think of.  Donít bother to catch the ball from a machine.  Work out with a QB, CB and a safety.  Run your routes until you are ready to drop.  Run your routes so that even when fatigue has gotten to you and your legs canít run anymore, you can still concentrate enough to catch the ball even if you are not running good routes.  If you do this and concentrate and catch every ball that is thrown to you, with your talent and mental strength, you will become a #1 WR for the team that drafts you.  Continue to be inconsistent in catching the ball and your speed wonít help you.  You will become an average WR that makes some big plays, but not enough big plays.  Chansi has the athletic talent and mental strength and the passion to be as good as Steve Smith (WR Carolina Panthers), but he will not be as good if he does not learn to CATCH THE BALL EVERYTIME IT IS THROWN TO HIM.  Itís just that simple!

Drew Boylhart