Charles Johnson   DE   Georgia



Charles has decent size and very good strength to play at the next level.  He is a strong kid with powerful hands and ďin the boxĒ quickness.  Charles does a solid job defending against the run and is very strong when he moves laterally to string plays out.  In fact, he plays the run more like a LB than a DE because he does such a good job using his hands.  If he canít get to the QB, he times his jump and knocks the pass down.  He has those long arms and legs and right now, has a lot to learn about playing the DE position at the next level; however, something tells me he will be well worth the wait.  He reminds me a little bit of Terrell Suggs (DE Baltimore Ravens) because of his strength and in the box quickness. 



Charles has no pass rushing moves at all.  He lacks physical stamina and he looks like he plays by himself on the field.  I donít see too much interaction with teammates.  He seems more like a ďline it up and letís goĒ type of kid.  Not a bad thing, but something to be noted.  He is off balance most of the time when he rushes the passer, but he doesnít stop even if he goes to the ground.  He seems to be a quiet kid that is not impressed with himself or others.  In spite of all that, I really like this kidís potential. 



Itís hard to read this kid, but he does have a lot of hidden talent in his game.  Right now, he is just out-working the person blocking him.  I have never seen Charles blocked backwards off the line of scrimmage during a running play.  Either he stones the player blocking him or somebody has to take him to the ground.  I know he is not that tall, but I think he could play DE on either side of the line.  He is a pure 4-3 defensive end and as soon as he starts to listen to his coaches, learns more pass-rushing moves and keeps his balance, he should be an excellent DE for the team that drafts him.  I have two questions about Charles and one will be answered at the combine.  Iím concerned about his feet/balance and is he coachable?  Is he a loner because he lacks respect for authority or does he think he knows it all and doesnít have to listen to anyone?  You have to wonder why he is so impatient that he did not bother to learn his craft and have better physical stamina?  If he does well in his workouts, I have no doubt that he will be taken in the first round; however, his LTI is going to be a little longer than most 1st rounders because he has a lot to learn and Iím not sure how quickly he will learn it!  I really do like this kidís potential to become a core player and a fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  I know it seems like I have a lot of questions, but I just like his effort and natural strength to play the run on the field. He shows excellent passion when he plays.    

Drew Boylhart