Chris Davis   WR/ST   Florida St



Chris is a quick, slick WR with excellent special teams skills.  He runs very good routes and shows strong hands.  Chris will be very hard to cover in and out of his breaks and could become a match-up nightmare as an extra WR in a third and long situation.  He is tough and willing to go and compete for the ball.  He is not afraid to run any route in the book and understands how to protect himself.  Chris has the quickness and knack not to take a full hit when he is being tackled.  He is going to be a weapon as a punt returner and third down slot receiver for the team that drafts him. 



If Chris wants to be successful at the next level in returning punts, he will have to prove his decision making abilities in handling those duties.  Returning punts is not just about catching a ball and running until you are tackled.  He has to make split second decisions that will not put his offense in bad field position as well as prove he can field punts in all kinds of weather to be more valuable to all the teams in the draft.  Of course with a player who lacks bulk and the ability to add bulk to his body type, injuries are always a concern and could affect where Chris will be slotted in this draft. 



In a normal draft, Chris would be listed as a first day draft pick.  However, in a draft with so many bigger and faster receivers, Chris will most likely drop into the second day and might not get picked at all!  Chris has as much talent to impact at the next level as Roscoe Parrish (2nd round pick), Sinorice Moss (2nd round pick), Laveranues Cole (3rd round pick) or any other small quick receiver that in the past were taken in the first day of a draft.  He reminds me a lot of Laveranues Coles because he is tough and is so quick in and out of his breaks. His ability to explode out of his breaks and concentrate to catch the ball is the big difference in Chris and the other WRs in this draft who will be picked ahead of him.  Very few in this draft have that explosion and concentration.  The average WR gathers himself mentally and physically after he makes a break when running his routes.  Steve Smith and Laveranues Coles both have this ability to explode and concentrate out of their breaks.  If Chris can prove that he can handle the punt return duties (mentally), Chris will be an impact player for the team that drafts him.  I believe Chris will be one of the special team sleepers of this draft along with impacting as a slot receiver that causes match up nightmares for opposing coaches.  I call him Chris (Nightmare) Davis.

Drew Boylhart