Chris Henry   RB   Arizona



Chris has good size and strength; he showed at the combine that he can run and jump with the best of the other skilled RBís in his underwear!  He showed decent straight-line speed and he also proved to me that he is smart enough to know that showing up to run and jump in his underwear could make him a lot of money.  Chris does have the pure athletic talent and size to play at the next level and impact.  However, but to be honest, he has not played enough for me to think that he has the potential to be an every-down back for the NFL.  Right now, he only shows me that he is a potential impact special teams player.  To be an every-down franchise back like his pure athletic talents suggests, I have to say that there are too many unanswered questions right now. 



I have a lot of questions such as:  Can he block a blitzing LB?  Can he learn the plays?  What kind of vision in the hole does he possess?  Is he coachable?  What kind of passion does he have to play the game?  How tough is he and does he play hurt?  Can he break tackles and how good is his balance?  Why, with all this talent, did he not start for his college team?  Why, when he carried the ball, did he fumble so much?  How well does he deal with other players that challenge him for his job?  What kind of a teammate is he?  Why did he want to come out early?  Why does he think with his athletic talent that he will not thrive and learn the new spread offense his college team wanted to use this year?  What makes Chris think he is ready for the NFL if he could not handle the college level with all this athletic talent and beat out the other RBís to be the starter?  Why did he lose his job this year?  Why does he think he got his job back?  Why was he better after he lost his job than he was after he gained it back?  Why did he only average 3.5 yds a carry?  What is his goal at the next level -- is it to be a starter, a back up or just a special teams player?  If he wants to be a starter what makes him think he can be one when he wasnít at the college level?  Were his coaches fair and honest with him?  If not, why?  I could go on, but Iím starting to get tired.  I think you get my point. 



I have seen Chris play on film.  He lacks the maturity level on the field to impact in anything more than special teams at this point of his career.  He lacks vision and balance and because of this, might be a good fit for a team that uses a zone-blocking scheme in its running game.  The problem with that is that he does not anticipate holes and is not a patient runner.  He does not wait for his blocks or set up his blocks.  In a zone-blocking scheme, you have to be patient and anticipate the cut back hole to be successful.  He reminds me a lot of Thomas Jones drafted in the 2000 draft in the 1st round.  Thomas was traded to the Bears and just now is starting to reach his stride.  The difference is that Thomas proved at the college level that he had the mental strength to be a top RB.  Chris has not done that for his college team.  Right now, Chris is a special teams player with some potential to be a third down back, but not a starting back.  Maybe Chris will be a starting RB for a team someday, but for the purposes of this draft, I donít believe that it is smart to invest first day money in this kid because he can run fast in his underwear!  His athletic talent is a ten, but his character, intelligence and passion scores are unknown at this point.  

Drew Boylhart