Chris Houston   CB   Arkansas



Chris is the type of player that plays bigger than his size because of his strength and confidence.  He has good quickness and speed and is a very smooth CB who has no wasted movements or false steps when he is covering a WR man-to-man.  He is an excellent shutdown cover corner that loves a challenge.  Chris is a decent tackler, but the truth is, he would rather cover a receiver so that the ball is not even thrown his way at all.  Chris shows good mental strength to go along with a smooth stride, excellent hip-flip and is smart when reading a WR to anticipate when the ball is ready to be knocked down.  Chris should help a team as a cover corner the day after he is drafted.  



Chris is an excellent cover corner, but he doesnít seem to have very good hands to intercept the ball.   He is not much of a playmaker and because he does not show very good hands, he will have difficulties helping out for the team that drafts him in the return game on special teams.  Also, Chris is not quick to leave his man and come up and support the run game against sweeps to his side of the field.



In my mind, for a corner to be rated as a 1st round talent, he has to be a playmaker and a corner that tackles in all phases of the game.  Right now, on the film I have of Chris, he is lacking in those two areas.  He has excellent cover skills and has gone up against some big time talent, but for the next level, the WRís are better at catching balls with CBís hanging all over them and RBís that will sweep around your side all day long if they smell a corner who is not energetic enough to come up and attack the sweep.  Chris has some excellent 1st round talents and he could improve his attitude towards defending against a sweep without much trouble at all; however, I donít see many CBís that improve their abilities to intercept the ball because they lack the true hand-eye coordination to catch a ball.  Antoine Winfield (CB Vikings) is a hell of a CB, but he is not an impact CB because he just does not get enough interceptions.  Now, he has made a lot of money, but the fact is that he would make even more if he could just intercept a few passes a year.  The fact is, no QB is afraid in an important part of a game to throw his way because they know the pass will not be intercepted.  So no harm, no foul -- so to speak.  Chris will be an excellent cover corner for the team that drafts him, but unless he shows in his workouts that he can catch the ball for an interception, then he just wonít be an impact cover corner.   

Drew Boylhart