Chris Leak   QB   Florida



Chris has the passion to play at the next level.  He has good overall athletic talent to play more than one position.  Chris shows strong leadership skills through his play on the field.  He shows a good arm for the college level and does a strong job moving out of the pocket and throwing on the run.  Chris has improved dramatically from last year and seems to fit the shotgun spread offense very well.  He has done an excellent job this year of cutting down on his mistakes and keeping his team in games and giving them the ability to win any game that they have been in this year.  Chrisís situation reminds me a lot of Michael Robinson (former QB - Penn St) when he came out in the draft last year.  He was taken by the 49erís in the fourth round and has done a good job changing to the RB position. 



Chris has to understand really fast that he is not a QB that is going to be successful at the next level for a number of reasons.  He will struggle to make it as back-up material if he is lucky, but he could be a damn good RB if he just gets it through his skull like Michael Robinson finally got it through his skull last year.  Chris really struggles playing from the pocket and his arm is just not good enough for the next level.  Add to that a QB that makes poor decisions when he is held in the pocket and you can see what I mean.   



Itís not too late for Chris to change positions and be a pretty good player for the team that drafts him.  He shows good leg strength, is a tough kid and just plays with so much passion.  Last year, I told you that a team should just draft Michael Robinson and worry about what position he would play for your team later.  This year, Iím saying the same thing about Chris.  Iím convinced that Chris should be an RB, but the truth is he could be a Hines Ward-type of WR if he wanted to be.  I just think with his natural leg strength that RB would be a good fit for him.  If not as a starter, then he might work himself into being a pretty good third down back in the future.   Someone at the combine has to sit this kid down and tell him the facts of life.  If he is willing to give up trying to be a QB for the next level, I think I would take a flyer on the kid in the later rounds of the second day.  I know Chris has good mental strength, but he must struggle with the mental portion of the game because he just never really understood the QB position until he went to the spread offense.  His LTI at another position might be a little long, but he will give you everything he has because he just wants to play and play well.  He will make your special teams unit in some capacity, Iím sure.  The kid wants to be a star at the next level and I have a feeling that he just might do that.  But it wonít be at the QB position.

Drew Boylhart