CJ Gaddis   CB/S   Clemson



C J has excellent athletic talent and plays the game of football with the passion that is lacking from many players who will be picked ahead of him in this draft.  He is both quick and fast and has played more than one position for his college team.  C J does a good job in coverage and is excellent at supporting the run.  He is a special teams nightmare for the opposing team and takes great pride in his special teams play.  C J shows solid leadership skills and is a very underrated player in this draft with strong developmental potential to turn into an impact safety for the team that drafts him. 



C J has played so many different positions for his college team that he has not been able to develop his skills at any one position.  Give him a few years with some good coaching and he will become the impact player his talents suggest he will be.  I have no doubt about that.  Iím not convinced he has the true CB skills for the next level, but I am convinced he will make a hell of a safety in a few years.  In the meantime, you have yourself a talented special teams captain.



C J hits like a heart attack waiting to happen.  Itís because of this that I think he is a better fit at the safety position than the CB position. He is a powerful kid and as I said before, he plays with great passion.  C J will need some time to learn his position.  He takes a lot of false steps and can get fooled, but because of his athletic talent, he has been able to compensate for his mistakes.  At the next level, he is going to have to learn to cover better and react with both his mind and athletic talent.  This will take time and he will struggle at first.  But if you have some faith in this kidís work ethic you will be rewarded in the long run.  C J might not be picked until the second day of the draft because he is coming out early and has not really settled into any one position for his college team until this year.  He should be able to help right away on special teams and in nickel/dime coverage because he is a punishing type of tackler and does have good athletic coverage talent.  C J becomes a hell of a ball hawking safety and when he plays, he reminds me a lot of Kerry Rhodes (S Jets).  He has that potential to intimidate WRís from coming across the middle as well as having the athletic talent to intimidate QBís from throwing over the middle.  C J will need some time and good coaching before this will happen, but I have no doubt that it will happen.

Drew Boylhart