Corey Hilliard   OT/OG   Oklahoma St



Corey has some good developmental talent to play guard at the next level.  He is pretty athletic and does a decent job going out to the second level to block a linebacker.  He has quick feet and can be used in a pulling offensive line system.  Corey shows strong leadership skills and plays the game with passion.  He reminds me a little of Ruben Brown (OG – Chicago Bears) when he came out of college.  Ruben was an LT that was moved to the LG position in the NFL and became a pretty good LG.  Corey has that same enthusiasm to his game and I think he, too, could become a damn good LG for the team that drafts him just like Ruben. 



Corey has to build up his upper body strength and right now, he is not the best pass blocker that I have ever seen.  He has to learn to bend at the knees and not at the waist when pass blocking because he is off balance and lunging all over the place.  His run blocking needs work also.  He is not near the finished player that Ruben was when he came out but still, he’s got game. 



I feel in a year or two this kid could be one of the better guards in the league because he can play in any kind of offense blocking scheme.  It will take him a year or two to get on the field, but once he does, he should be come a core player for your team and a player that you will not want to lose in free agency.  Corey has that infectious attitude that makes you want to play with him.  I feel that is his biggest strength.  Let me tell you that kind of leadership is hard to come by and Corey seems to have it naturally.  Corey has good overall athletic potential, but it is his infectious attitude that makes me want to draft him.  His athletic talent is not that special, but his attitude and leadership qualities are.  Corey is going to be a core player for the team that drafts him; he shows me that he will be an excellent player to have in your locker room.  On the field when things get tough and you need someone to help make the players want to play harder, Corey’s your guy.    

Drew Boylhart