Cory Anderson   FB   Tennessee



Cory has the athletic talent to be much better than he has played.  He likes to run block as long as the block is in between the tackles.  He can catch the ball and has a quick burst. 



Iím not going to waste a lot of time on a profile for Cory because he is overweight, out of shape and has not bothered to improve his play on the field at all. 



As far as Iím concerned, itís an insult to all the other fullbacks in this draft to list this kid as a draft choice.  He has good athletic talent, but lacks character, intelligence and passion to play at the next level.  There are way too many fullbacks in this draft to bother drafting Cory; however, you know by now how the politics of the draft can work.  Talent is everything to most teams that draft players, so they will overlook all the other components that really matter.  All I can say to you as fellow draftaholics is this:  if your team wastes a draft choice on this kid and tries to make you believe that he will make the team and produce.  That will be your signal to realize that your coach or GM -- or both -- will be losing their job in a year or two.  Maybe that little information and insight will make you feel better, because drafting Cory should not! 

Drew Boylhart