Courtney Taylor   WR   Auburn



Courtney is a tall wide receiver who shows average speed, but has good quickness and decent hands.  He does a solid job running his routes and is smart enough to know how to use his height to his advantage when running his routes.  Courtney has possession receiver written all over him for the next level and should be an asset to the team that drafts him inside the red zone because of his height and quickness in and out of his breaks.  Courtney does a good job of gaining yards after the catch and is a perfect fit for a team that uses a lot of underneath routes because of a weak arm QB. 



Courtney has possession receiver written all over him, but his skinny pipe cleaner body type will not handle the pounding a possession receiver has to take.  My concern is that if Courtney does bulk up, heíll lose his quickness which is a main asset to a possession receiver.  He also doesnít block very well and he gives you nothing on special teams. 



It will be hard for Courtney to play at the next level without getting injured a lot because of his pipe cleaner-like body.  He has talent, good hands and has no problems making tough catches; however, if he puts the bulk on his frame, he will lose his quickness.  He is not that good a blocker and he does not give you much on special teams, so unless a QB falls in love with him and insists that he be on the team, I think it will be very hard for Courtney to impact much at the next level.  Injuries are the key.  If he gets injured a lot and canít stay on the field, the team will move forward and use someone else who can help on special teams.  He has the talent to be a #2 WR, but his whole game will depend on injuries.   He is not a #3 or #4 WR because he gives you nothing on special teams, so itís make or break for Courtney and he better hope it isnít break because break means he is injured and canít stay on the field.   

Drew Boylhart