Dallas Baker   WR   Florida



Dallas has good talent and for his size, shows good overall athleticism to play at the next level.  He has strong hands and does a solid job using his body to shield smaller CB’s when he catches the ball.  He has a long stride and shows decent speed to get deep, but was mostly used by his college team to run the short to intermediate routes under deep coverage against LB’s and safeties.  Dallas has the frame to put on more bulk and strength and become a decent possession WR for the team that drafts him.  



Dallas does not play very smart.  He has good size, but he hasn’t learned how to run routes to his benefit.  He is not very tough when he goes up to get the ball and shies away from contact when going over the middle.  He has the talent, but lacks the passion to learn his craft and avoid the “better than just the average” possession WR. 



With a little bit of hard work, this kid could become a damn good #2 possession WR for some team at the next level.  He has a lot to learn and he has to add more bulk to his frame to be successful.  Dallas was in a system this year and did improve, but he doesn’t understand how to set up a CB at this point of his career to get deep.  He is not the best at going up in traffic after the ball, but he did improve this year and there is a sliver of light at the end of his tunnel.  Dallas has to want it more than anything else and if he does, then he could be a solid WR for the team that drafts him.  I just wish for his sake that he had started working harder a little sooner because he is going to miss out on a lot of money if he can’t get up to speed real fast in a NFL camp.  

Drew Boylhart