Dan Bazuin   DE   Central Michigan



Dan is a big strong kid who is faster than he is quick.  He shows a good first step off the line and does as excellent job at the point of attack.  The game comes easy to Dan.  He has a variety of pass rush moves and understands how to set up an O-lineman to make an impact play at the important time in a game.  He understands situational football and shows leadership skills along with being a good teammate.  Dan reminds me a lot of Howie Long former D-lineman for the Oakland/Los Angeles /Anaheim/Oakland/Ēwhatever else you want to call themĒ Raiders.



The level of competition will affect his draft position.  Not as far as Iím concerned.  



Letís add it all up.  No character issues, plays every down, might run as fast as 4.50 to 4.60 in the forty, good strength with a build that can add weight easily, a variety of pass rush moves, strong at the point of attack.  Now you tell me, are you going to downgrade all of that because of the level of competition?!  Thatís like downgrading Dwight Freeney because he was not tall enough.  Itís just plain stupid!  A player is a player.  If you donít think that Dan will improve and get better than he is right now, then you should not be in the business.  Dan projects to be at least as good as Grant Wistrom (DE Seattle Seahawks) and he was taken in the first round.  Iím not sure that I have seen a faster DE come out in the draft in a long time.  I have seen quicker DEís, but not faster.  Dan can run a lot of players down from behind and that, combined with his ability to handle the point of attack, should be enough to drop him into the first round; however, Iím sure it wonít.  I know how this stuff works and we are all destined to see Dan rated as a second or third rounder or maybe even later.  Just tell yourself this when your favorite team drafts this kid.  You just got first round talent and a kid who might very well wind up in the Pro Bowl before a lot of others picked ahead of him.  He will never stop working to get better than he is right now.  I call him Dan (The Man) Bazuin because he was ďthe manĒ his team counted on to make a play and for leadership. 

Drew Boylhart