Dan Mozes   OC   West Virginia



Dan is a technique-driven center that uses his athletic talent, leverage and brains to control the line of scrimmage.  He is an excellent leader and can play more than one position on the offensive line.  Dan has quick, agile feet and when he is uncovered, he can go out and block an LB with ease.  He shows good lateral agility -- maybe enough to play one of the tackle positions.  The shotgun snap is not a problem for Dan either.  Dan is a very complete center and good offensive lineman.  He will be an asset to the team that drafts him.    



Dan just needs more bulk and strength.  The problem is, I donít know if he has the body type that can handle much more bulk.  In spite of this, I donít see a really big problem because Dan is such a good technician, which compensates a lot for his physical weakness; he should be able to get stronger without much problem.    



If you are a team thatís in a division where the center is uncovered or you use a zone blocking system, then Dan is your man and should be able to help you right away.  He will always struggle if he has a nose guard right on top of him, but so do most of the centers in the NFL.  You know what Iím going to say about that -- coach better!  Why pass on a possible Pro Bowl center just because he has one weakness that you should be able to help him out with if you have a good fullback when you play against a 3-4 defense once or twice a year?  Now, if you are in a division that has a lot of 3-4 defenses, you might want to re-think drafting Dan unless you are thinking about using him at one of the guard positions.  At a guard position, he would be uncovered and be able to handle pulling and firing out on LBís, sweeps and just about anything else that is asked of an athletic offensive lineman.  Dan will be a good pick and at this time in the NFL, every team needs an offensive lineman of Danís caliber.  Therefore, just draft him no matter what defenses you are up against.  He is a hell of a football player.    

Drew Boylhart