Darrelle Revis   CB   Pittsburgh



Darrelle is a shut down, playmaking CB.  He has excellent size, strength, speed and quickness to play this position.  He shows good hands to intercept the ball and when he does, he always looks to take it back all the way.  Darrelle has good man-to-man cover skills and is a ball hawk when playing in zone coverage.  He has excellent recovery speed and is a very good tackler.  He likes to be physical when he plays against bigger WR’s, but is still quick enough to handle the smaller and quicker WR’s.  Darrelle has the potential to be an excellent CB for the team that drafts him and as an added bonus, he has excellent return skills and will be a big impact player on Special Teams. 



At the next level, for the first time in his football life, Darrell’s athletic skills will be challenged.  The big question I have of Darrelle is how well will he handle the pressure at the next level -– mentally?  Can he bounce back after he gets burnt and is he mature enough to deal with the off field pressures?  He does need to work on some techniques, but this is all very normal for a CB coming out early.  To tell you the truth, I think he will handle the pressure very well and on film, looks like he is having a lot of fun out there – both on the field and with his teammates.     



Darrelle’s athletic talent is not a question mark at all, but -- as with all talented juniors, you have to wonder how well he will handle being challenged for the very first time in his athletic career.  Sometimes it is difficult for a player who can do everything at the college level to struggle initially at the next level because they have never struggled before at any other level.  I think Darrell’s special team skills along with his ball hawking skills will make him a big hit right away for the team that drafts him.  But the Pittsburgh team does not play the most challenging schedule and as we all know, things can come pretty fast for a CB at the next level.  Darrelle will have to start working on his techniques, but that will not stop him from most likely being a top pick in this draft.  If I needed a CB, I would pick him first off the board; however, I would go slow and let things come to him at an emotional speed that he can handle.  Special teams and cover corner in nickel-dime packages for the first year, then cut him loose the second year and let him fly because this kid should be something special.  

Drew Boylhart